Just like any major city in Europe, Amsterdam is made up of its rich and its poor. And Amsterdam’s rich shop at P. C. Hooftstraat.

P. C. Hooftstraat (or sometimes “the P. C. Hooft”) is the nickname for Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat, and it’s one of the most popular (and one of the most expensive) shopping streets in all of Amsterdam. Named for famous Dutch author and poet Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft, P. C. Hooftstraat is the only truly upmarket shopping street in the city this is where the rich and sometimes famous Amsterdam visitors and citizens go to buy their Armani bags and shoes.

Whether or not you have a lot of money to spend on, say, a Shoebaloo (which is a great, green-lit tanning bed sold there on P. C. Hooftstraat very strange, and very expensive), it’s worth a visit to P. C. Hooftstraat. It’s a great area for people watching, and if you’re into scouting for movies stars, this is where you might find one or two. Or, if you have a thing for fancy cars, this is where you’ll see plenty of them from the slick, black Mercedes sedans lining the street to the flashy convertibles speeding down it.

P. C. Hooftstraat can also be a great place to do some souvenir shopping that is, if you’ve got plenty of money to spend and want to buy some very, very nice souvenirs. In the three short blocks covered by the P. C. Hooft you’ll find anything from furniture to antiques to persian rugs to very expensive Dutch chocolates.

If after all this you’re still itching to shop (or simply window-shop), around the corner you’ll find van Baerlestraat. Here there are even more boutiques, antique shops, and shoe stores though no location is as prestigious as P. C. Hooftstraat itself.

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