Sampurna Indonesian Restaurant

Because of the Netherlands’ long history in Indonesia, Indonesian food has become a big part of Dutch culture. Most of the Amsterdam Indonesian restaurants you’ll find specialize in Rijsttafel, which consists of small dishes (anywhere from 12-40 of them) of many different kinds of Indonesian foods. And while Sampurna Indonesian Restaurant does serve a great Rijsttafel, they also have some of the best standard (that is, full-sized) Indonesian food in Amsterdam.

Sampurna Indonesian Restaurant is located right in the middle of the flower market. It’s a very small little restaurant, with romantic dim lighting and lots of traditional decorations and statues. It’s full of plants and candles and shaded lamps, and the well-set tables make it a very warm and inviting place to spend the hour or two that it will take you to work though the 24 dishes in your Rijsttafel.

Though the restaurant itself is small, the menu is huge, as is the wine list there’s plenty to choose from here. They start you off with free vegetarian crackers with Sambal dips while you look over the menu. And it might take you awhile Sampurna serves quite a variety of both Rijsttafels and full-sized Indonesian dishes, so there’s no shortage of choices.

If you’re not used to spicy food, you may want to be careful when ordering. But if you love Indonesian food or really like to try new foods and flavors, you can’t do better than Sampurna Indonesian Restaurant. The price is also reasonable, with a Rijsttafel running about 20-25 per person for dinner, and an inexpensive lunchtime menu. To avoid some of the crowds during busy mealtimes (it’s small, so it gets crowded quickly), it’s best to go during off-hours. Sampurna is open from 12:00 pm to 10:30 pm daily.

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