Nomads Restaurant

One of the most entertaining, relaxing experiences you can have in Amsterdam is a meal at Nomads restaurant; an untraditional restaurant thats a lot of fun. Instead of tables and chairs, the dining area consists of six alcoves with plushly cushioned beds or couches where you can lounge all night over an exotic meal. It’s the perfect venue for a long, romantic dinner for two or a rowdy night with friends.

Nomads is all about ambiance. The restaurant is filled with Arabian themed music, and some nights you can even catch a live bellydancing show. You’ll want to spend the whole evening here, as during the course of the night you’ll get a chance for a palm reading, or even a massage for an extra 10 euros or so. A meal at Nomads isn’t just dinner— it’s a dining experience.

But it’s not just about bellydancers and palm readers. The food at Nomads is also excellent. A waiter or waitress will set up a small table at the end of your couch; this little table will hold your meal while you lounge and snack. The Nomads menu consists of small Arabian dishes with western influences, called mezzes. Mezzes can be either hot or cold, and are either traditionally Arabian, such a Muhammara Eljouze and Khibbez bread, or decidedly western, such as croquettes. Their menu is similar in concept to a Spanish tapas restaurant; you can order as many mezzes as you like, and make a night of snacking on different small dishes. Or, if you like, you can order from their set sampling menu for 45 euros or so. No matter what you order, you’ll want to accompany it with a bottle of wine (or three) from their extensive wine list, and make a night of it.

If you’re looking for a special experience during your visit to Amsterdam, you should definitely set aside a long night, and about 45-60 euros per person, for a meal at Nomads. It might be the most fun you have while in the city.

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