Me Naam Naan Thai Restaurant

Amsterdam is full of wonderful Asian restaurants, and has some of the best Thai restaurants you’ll find in all of Europe. But for what some consider the very best Thai food in town, you have to stop by Amsterdam’s Me Naam Naan Thai Restaurant.

Located in central Amsterdam at Koningsstraat, just off the Nieuwemarkt, Me Naam Naan Thai Restaurant has in the past been something of a well-kept secret. Frequented mostly by locals, not many tourists even knew it was there. But as Me Naam Naan’s reputation for great food and service grows, this Amsterdam Thai restaurant is becoming more and more popular with visitors to Amsterdam.

If you’re looking for a fancy-looking place to have a romantic dinner, this isn’t it. A small, cozy little restaurant, Me Naam Naan gets very crowded and loud during the busiest mealtimes, and it can be hard to get a table, much less a quiet one for two. If you do get a table, the first thing you’ll notice is thedecoration— the walls are covered in photos and Thai statues and decorations, and even the waiters are traditionally “decorated;” all are wearing traditional Thai robes that don’t seem to get in the way of providing the efficient, friendly service the restaurant is famous for.

But a visit to Me Naam Naan is, of course, about the food. While they serve terrific seafood dishes and wonderful whole fish, the true test of a quality Thai restaurant is always in how they prepare the simplest of Thai dishes, such as Pad Thai, Tom Yam Koong, or Green Curry. Here, these dishes are up to a standard you might find in Thailand— not a container of ketchup or bottled sauce in sight.

For being one of the best Thai restaurants in all of Amsterdam, Me Naam Naan is relatively inexpensive. While you can order a la carte, they have many set menus for around €30 including drinks and dessert. It does get crowded, so be sure to call ahead to make a reservation, especially if you plan on going on a Friday or Saturday night. The restaurant is closed on Mondays.

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