Jur Eet Cafe Amsterdam

There are lots of little Amsterdam restaurants known only to the locals— these are the places that stay mostly hidden to Amsterdam tourists. And, of course, these are the very restaurants that are worth searching out.

Jur Eet Cafe is one of these “locals only” restaurants. A cozy restaurant in the Jordaan neighborhood in Amsterdam, Jur is listed as number three on the list of the top ten Eetcafes in all of Amsterdam— if you run across it while wandering around Jordaan, it’s definitely worth a stop in.

Other than the food, what makes Jur Cafe such a pleasure is the staff. Cheerful and friendly, they make guests feel immediately comfortable and at-home; just walking to your table is like being in on a secret— you’ll actually have to go behind the bar in order to get into the dining room. This immediately informal greeting makes the whole experience of eating at Jur a lot of fun. The decor here is also soft and inviting, with dark wood, gentle lighting, and traditional delft tiles.

The food at Jur Eet Cafe is just what the interior of the place suggests. Tasty, casual, and unpretentious, each dish is fun to eat and has a touch of something special. The goat cheese salad with honey-thyme dressing is particularly delicious, and the fondue is headily flavored with white wine— sinfully delicious. Every dish also comes with a basked of soft, fresh bread that’s impossible not to eat— even for low-carbers.

Jur is a laid-back and relaxing place to have a casual dinner for two or a long meal with a rowdy group of friends. It does get loud in the dining room when it fills up, but not so loud at to require you to shout. All in all, Jur Eet Cafe is an unpretentious, cheerful place to have a great meal without paying an arm and a leg. Dinner for two consisting of drinks, salads, cheese fondue, and dessert will run you under €50.

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