Christophe’s Restaurant

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate with a nice dinner during your stay in Amsterdam, Cristophe’s is definitely the place for you. Though it’s certainly on the pricey side, Cristophe’s, which combines Mediterranean and French cuisines, has become an Amsterdam institution.

After opening Christophe’s over twenty years ago, the former owner, Christophe Royer, sold the restaurant in 2006 to two long-time employees who knew the business inside and out. And though the management of Christophe’s has changed, the quality of the food has not— a meal at Christophe’s is still one of the most interesting dining experiences you’ll ever have.

One of the best things about eating at Christophe’s is the set menu. You can, of course, order what you want a la carte, but the set menu allows you (even forces you) to try foods that you’ve never had before. The preserved rabbit, for instance, is a dish that many less adventurous diners would be reluctant to order; it’s one of the most delicious things on the menu. Every dish at Christophe’s is interesting, complex, and perfectly balanced, and it’s all beautifully presented.

My suggestion? Start off with the fondant d’aubergine (pictured). Then try the filet of beef with anchovy and spinach. It may sound like a strange combination, but you won’t be disappointed. It’s wonderfully tender and full of flavor. For dessert, you might want experiment with some of Christophe’s interesting dessert combinations, such as the apricot amandine with rosemary and buttermilk sorbet.

If you’re planning a special night out at Christophe’s, get ready to set aside a good bit of your vacation budget. Dinner will run you 65 euros or more per person. Also bring along something nice to wear, as Christophe’s is rather formal, and plan plenty of time for the meal. You’ll want to linger over each and every bite.

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