Cafe Bern

Eating in Amsterdam can be a rewarding experience but it can also be rather frustrating. How a particular restaurant turns out mostly depends on luck. It can be hard to tell how the food and service will be from a menu posted in a doorway.

Appearances can be deceiving. Walking by the Cafe Bern, for instance, you would probably think that this dingy looking cafe is a place to avoid. It hides behind grey net curtains and looks to the untrained eye like a dank and dirty bar. But inside hides one of the best values in Amsterdam, mostly known only to the locals.

Cafe Bern’s specialty is fondue in fact, it’s the only thing available on their rather small menu. The steak fondue in particular is delicious, but if you order both the cheese and the steak, you’ll be in fondue heaven. Their fondue recipe is, apparently, an industry secret. It’s made with more than thirty different herbs and tastes divine with a tall glass of beer. If you order the steak, don’t expect your average (and boring) cheese fondue. The bubbly green cheese sauce served at Cafe Bern is entirely different and entirely original. It will generally come with a side salad and a plate of french bread sticks which are absolutely delicious.

A meal at Cafe Bern will probably run you about 15 euros a head; it’s not much for one of the best meals you’ll have in Amsterdam. This is a dining experience, and you’ll notice when you walk in that it’s packed with locals. If you’re planning a meal at Cafe Bern, be sure to call to make a reservation when you first arrive in Amsterdam. It’s a busy place and tends to book up days in advance.

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