Things To See In Amsterdam – Museums in Europe

There are plenty of museums in the Europe, and there are quite a few in Amsterdam. Here is a list of the most popular and interesting museums in the Netherlands.

Cobra Museum of Modern Art

The avant-garde Cobra art movement was a big deal in the Netherlands, and in this museum and art gallery, you can see many works based on their imagination and experimentation.

Stedelijk Museum

This is one of the many great Amsterdam museums that have only recently been updated. You will see plenty of contemporary art and a lot of modern art in this museum.


Inside the stedelijk museum in Europe
Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam Europe

Hermitage Amsterdam

The Hermitage Amsterdam is not about Europe, it is the Dutch branch of the famous Hermitage in Russia’s Saint Petersburg. It is beside the Amstel River and is a cultural education centre that focuses on exhibits around Russian culture and history.


This is a very large and grand museum, and is one of the great reasons why so many people on for Amsterdam info. It is currently one of the largest museums in Europe.

EYE Film museum

This is a new but already popular museum. It is nice to be around the water, it is nice to see the best of cinematic history. You can even watch classic movies in booths too.

Anne Frank House

This is the same famous house where Anne Frank wrote her famous diary. It is not the most exciting house, but it is part of Amsterdam’s history, so may be worth a look if you are in the area.

Jewish Historical Museum

It is based within a European Jewish quarter in Amsterdam. It is not a very famous museum, but it is not restricted to people of just the Jewish faith.

Rembrandt House Museum

This is a museum that has been restored so that it looks similar to how it did in the 17th century. There are famous paintings and artifacts, plus you will often see events and presentations come and go too. Look up a little Amsterdam info as to when the next event is playing.


This is Europe’s leading an ethnographic museum, and is a museum of the tropics. It shows you the history of the tropics, as well as pieces from the present and possibilities for the future.

Huis Marseille Photography Museum

There are photographs from years and years of Dutch history, and there are photographs from African and Japanese photographers too. There are some famous photographer’s photographs there too.

Amsterdam Museum

This is really a unique experience for people visiting Amsterdam. Maybe it is not as shocking as the other museums and galleries, but it really gets to the heart of what being in Amsterdam is all about.

Van Gogh Museum

This guy was known throughout Europe, and this is a museum dedicated to him and his artwork.

Dutch Resistance Museum

This is all about the historic resistance of the people in the Netherlands and Amsterdam during the Second World War. Even though it was only Britain that was able to hold out during the war, the rest of Europe was struggling from within in order to resist the German conquerors, and the Netherlands was no exception.

Science Center NEMO

This is a science museum that is very child friendly and worth a look if you are taking your family on holiday with you.

The National Maritime Museum

As the name suggests, this is a museum about boats, ships and such, and what Dutch ships got up to around Europe in the past 500 years.

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