Amstelkring Museum (Our Lord in the Attic)

Most major cities, especially in Europe, are filled with museums. And while it can be wonderful to walk around in a huge museum full of amazing works of art, such as the Prado or the Louvre, it can also be overwhelming. One of the best things about Amsterdam are its small museums, such as the Amstelkring Museum. Most of these little museums are simply classic Dutch homes that have been preserved and converted into museums. And rather than a look into the masters of art, they’re a fascinating peek into Amsterdam’s long history.

The Amstelkring Museum is an often overlooked Amsterdam museum located in old Amsterdam near Centraal Station. And if you have a little extra time during your trip to the city, you may want to think about paying this little museum a visit. A mostly original 17th century Dutch home, the Amstelkring Museum gives a fascinating peek into life in Amsterdam in the 17th Century, complete with original kitchen and tiny enclosed cots for sleeping. But the most amazing thing in this museum is the church. Amstelkring means “Our Lord in the Attic” in Dutch, and it refers to the hidden Catholic church built into the entire top floor of the building. The church was built during the Reformation, a time when Catholics were prohibited from holding public services. This hidden church was where the Catholics of the city would secretly worship.

The Amstelkring museum should take about an hour to visit, and costs 7 for adults and 1 for children aged 5 to 18. The steep Dutch stairs throughout the house can make it a fun visit, especially for kids, but those who struggle climbing stairs should probably stay at the hotel. The 7 price tag can seem a little steep for what is a rather short visit, but if you’re thinking about buying an iAmsterdam card, admission to the Amstelkring Museum is included free.

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