The Brouwer Hotel

If you’re visiting Amsterdam on a budget, chances are you’re feeling a little frustrated by some very meager hotel choices. If you don’t want to stay in a hostel, and you want a decent-sized room with a bathroom, you’ll generally pay an arm and a leg in Amsterdam.

Fortunately, for those willing to do a bit of research, there are a few inexpensive but very nice hotels in Amsterdam. One of these is the Brouwer Hotel.

The Brouwer is a teeny tiny hotel (it has only eight rooms) located in the center of the city. It’s about a 10-minute walk from Centraal Station, making it easy to get to and from the airport without worrying about catching public transport to your hotel a real relief when you’re just getting in from a very long flight. Its downtown location is terrific. The Brouwer is right on the edge of the red light district, but far enough outside to put it in a calm and quiet area.

My favorite thing about the Brouwer hotel, however, was the hotel itself. After hours of searching the internet for a decently priced hotel with a bathroom (you’ll find that most Amsterdam hotel rooms are closet-sized with only shared bathrooms), the Brouwer was one of the only ones we found. But the best thing about the hotel isn’t the size of the rooms, which is generous, but the feel of the place. After being closed for 18 years, it was redecorated and reopened in 1998 with authentic 17th century furnishings. Staying there feels like a vacation into the past, complete with steep, crooked staircase (classically Dutch) and old wooden wardrobes.

The beds are comfy, if a little old, and the tiny lift is an experience all on its own. The cost for a double room at the time of my visit was 85 euros. According to the website, the rate is now 95 euros per night for a double room; it’s still one of the better values in Amsterdam.

Brouwer Hotel
Singel 83
1012 VE Amsterdam

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