Marriott Amsterdam

Marriott is one of those 4-star hotel chains that everybody has heard of— and almost as many have used one time or another. Marriott hotels are meant to provide consistently good rooms and service at consistent prices, which is why many people choose these hotels. Marriott Amsterdam is one of the city’s more popular hotels, especially among those who use and collect Marriott Rewards points, and while there are better values in the city, the Marriott Hotel Amsterdam is still a pretty safe bet.

Amsterdam Marriott is located close to the museum area (about five minutes from the Rijksmuseum) in the southern part of Amsterdam. For those looking for a quieter place to stay, this location is a great choice; it takes mere minutes to get to the city center with the tram, Leidseplein with its great bars in restaurants is just a five minute walk, yet the area is peaceful and quiet.

The hotel itself is currently under renovation. This makes things a little hit or miss when it comes time to check in— you may get a great room with new decor, or one of the shabby older ones. In either case, the rooms are smallish, but decent-sized for Amsterdam standards, and all have that famous (and super comfortable) Marriott bed.

If you often stay in Marriott hotels, you probably already have a good idea of what to expect. The hotel is quite standard, and anything extra that you’d like costs quite a bit extra. Breakfast, while good, is prohibitively expensive for most, and in-room internet costs 20€. It gets to be a bit much, especially as the rooms cost €250-300 per night and are far from the best value in Amsterdam. However, if you’re looking for a dependable hotel and don’t want any unpleasant surprises, Amsterdam Marriott hotel might be a good choice. It’s especially nice for families, as Marriott offers a discounted family package which includes breakfast and kids’ meals.

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