Jolly Carlton Hotel

Those looking for an Amsterdam hotel with a great location and good service could do worse than the Jolly Carlton Hotel Amsterdam. Just up the street from the famous (and very expensive) Grand Amsterdam Hotel, the Jolly Carlton gives visitors a chance to be in the same area at a fraction of the price. And it’s a terrific location… just a few minutes from Centraal Station and just across from Amsterdam’s famous flower market (it’s wonderful to walk by the flower stalls when leaving your hotel each day). It’s also only about five minutes or so from Raadhuistraat, the road the leads to Anne Frank’s House.

When you hear about the Jolly Carlton Hotel, you’ll probably hear more about the staff than the facilities. This four-star hotel has some of the friendliest, most helpful staff in Amsterdam. They’re flexible about check-in and check-out times, and it seems like a staff member is always on-hand and quick to help whenever a problem arises (for some reason, it seems that the doormen are especially nice).

The rooms themselves are about average for what you would expect from a four-star hotel in Amsterdam. At 200€ average for a standard room, they’re not particularly luxurious, though larger than many. The beds are not particularly comfortable, there aren’t as many facilities (such as coffee/tea, etc.) as you might like. The rooms are also noisy, and it’s very easy to hear conversations taking place in the corridor.

Especially if you’ve never stayed in an Amsterdam hotel before, you may feel that you’re not getting a great value at the Jolly Carlton Hotel; however, the quality for price of the Jolly Carlton is about average for Amsterdam. You might also want to note that standard rooms at the Jolly Carlton don’t come with in-room safes; safes for these rooms are only at the front desk. Also, the internet connection here is very expensive— you may want to opt instead for one of the many internet cafes found in central Amsterdam.

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