Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Amsterdam attracts many types visitors, from mature couples looking to enjoy a bit of culture to young people whose main goal is to enjoy as much Amsterdam nightlife as possible. At €50 per person, Hans Brinker Budget Hotel is actually more of an Amsterdam hostel, and is designed specifically to cater to the young party-goers; older couples and families looking for a quiet visit will want to steer far clear.

Hans Brinker Hotel is located in the Amsterdam city center, near Leidsplein Square and Amstel Canal. The central location close to plenty of tram lines, little restaurants, bars, and coffeeshops is great for those who are looking to have a good time in Amsterdam. It’s easy to get anywhere in the city from the Hans Brinker, and the hotel is in one of the most active areas of Amsterdam.

This Amsterdam hotel is not for those who are looking for something small, clean, and private— Hans Brinker is just the opposite, a fact that they readily advertise on their website. When you first walk in the door, you’ll notice plenty of grafitti (yes, on the inside) and stains on the walls, and the sheets are well-used (though clean) and often use-stained. The hotel doesn’t always smell nice, but is generally clean and well-kept despite its age and heavy use. The breakfast dishes are also battered but clean, and the breakfast itself is small but tasty— if you want extra, you have to pay for it.

What makes a stay at Hans Brinker Budget Hotel Amsterdam is the people. If you don’t make your reservation early, you’ll probably end up in one of their large 6 or 8 person rooms, which forces smaller groups to get to know each other (especially as the number of bathrooms doesn’t increase with the number of occupants). This is a place full of people at all hours— especially late at night. Expect a bit of running about, slamming doors, and yelling back and forth in the halls; it’s chaotic, but if you want to have a good time and get to know people it’s a lot of fun. The hotel’s huge bar (with a terrific happy hour) is the social center of Hans Brinker. This is a great place to meet up before going out, or just spend a long evening drinking with friends and strangers.

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