Amsterdam Travel Guide To Getting A Cheaper Hotel

Nobody wants to pay over the odds for their Amsterdam travel or accommodation. Here are some tips to help you get the best price for your hotel without having to choose a horrible place. Economy hotels and hotels on a budget do not have to be horrible or nasty, there are some nice ones out there–here is how you can book them for less.

The Amsterdam Travel Guide 25% off tip

If you visit Amsterdam between November and March, you will be cold because it is winter, but they are the times when many hotels offer around a 25% discount. Beside the Christmas and New Year season, you will find it a lot quieter with less happening in town, but the hotels are cheaper.

Get a Bed & Breakfast in the midweek

Another of our money saving tips for getting a cheap hotel is to try a bed and breakfast, and snap one up during the middle of the week. A lot of people visit during the weekend, which means you often have to pay more.

The canal-front B&Bs have more space during the middle of the week, and they are more likely to give you their lower rate as opposed to their weekend rate.

Book in advance and you get a cheaper hotel and better rate

This is true of many holidays. The package holiday firms, and the hotels, love it when people book early and pay a deposit. Not only does it put a little money in their account, it also “almost” guarantees a payment later, and it is possible to fill up a hotel months in advance and then save a fortune on advertising, so they love it.

They love it so much that they often offer a better rate for people that book early. Do not go too mad. Do not forget that if you book two years in advance, then there is a chance the hotel or travel agent may have gone out of business.

You can even save a bit of money if you book in advance for new years and the Christmas season, but they are often less willing to drop their rates because it is a profitable time for them.

Amsterdam with flowers water and bikes in our Amsterdam travel guideGet a place outside the most expensive areas

Any Amsterdam travel guide will tell you that it is a big place, and every area has it’s exclusive, popular and expensive areas. Pick a hotel in a slightly more remote place and use public transport to get around.

The trams and busses are great in Amsterdam, and hiring a car is a big mistake because parking is an expensive nightmare. Do you really have to see sea or have a water view? Do you have to be that close to the nightlife? The further afield you go, then the higher your chances are for a bargain price. The taxi prices are extortionate because they know how hard it is to have a car in Amsterdam, which is why it is better to get around with an Amsterdam Travel Guide.

Be wary of comparison websites for hotels and hiring cars

Comparison sites are good sometimes, such as when it comes to buying insurance especially, but when it comes to holidays and hiring cars, they cannot be trusted. There are two reasons they cannot be trusted, and the first is that many of them have companies pay them to put them as the cheapest when they are not, or to put them at the top of the list when they are not the lowest price.

The second reason is that car hire companies and hotels/travel agencies can manipulate the system. They do things such as only offer a portion of what you wanted or a tiny snippet of what the honest companies are offering.

They also have hidden charges that make them more expensive than the other countries. Some will show you the cheapest price all the way to the end until it is time to pay and then they slap you with something such as “admin” or “booking” or “pre-booking” fees that actually make them more expensive than the others on the comparison sites. Tips like there are only found on websites such as Amsterdam Travel Guide.

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