Amsterdam Travel Guide – How To Find A Hotel In Amsterdam

You may easily find an Amsterdam travel guide that tells you about the hotels in Amsterdam, but how do you find one for yourself? As you can see by the adverts on this page, you can just click and see what is on offer. But, is there more to consider than just booking? Here are a few things you should think of and plan before you book.

Your Amsterdam Travel guide on how to find a hotel when you visit Amsterdam

Rates will vary for different times of the year, and with different hotels and hotel locations. Sometimes your needs are what defines the price. For example, a lot of the smaller and cheaper hotels do not have wheelchair access, and some of the hotels simply do not have the room for families with children.

Choose your location then choose your hotel

Do you want to be near the station? Near the museums? Nightlife? Main events? Your location will define your price and the quality of your hotel. Make up an Amsterdam travel plan and pinpoint the places you want to go. Would not it be easier to book a hotel within walking distance of most of those locations? Our website is a great Amsterdam travel guide that you can use to plan your vacation or holiday.

Think of your budget and then pick a hotel

There is a good mix of hotels in Amsterdam, which means you can find posh hotels as easily as you can find family-run hotels. The time of year will influence the price you pay, suffice it to say you should plan your holiday and how much you want to spend before you even start looking.

A room at the Hilton in Amsterdam via our Amsterdam Travel Guide photographer
A room at the Hilton in Amsterdam

What are your needs on your holiday?

Are you disabled? Do you want to be near the nightlife? Are you with your kids? Can you get up the stairs? There are lots of things to consider and it is likely that some of the hotels will be off limits to you. The smaller hotels do not have lifts, which means if you have trouble getting up the stairs, then you will be in trouble. Few will accept pets and some have a very limited vegetarian menu. Be mindful of your needs before you start booking.

Can you snag a good deal from a banner advert?

The companies that are advertising their holidays on websites are worth a quick look. Run a search to see if you can find a cheap hotel in the area you have selected. Take what you have figured out through reading this article, such as your budget, location, hotel needs, etc, and try one of the travel agent websites to see if anything suits you.

Be wary of hunting for deals

There are some people that simply go on comparison sites and discount sites to get the best deal. What they often end up with is a bug hutch of a hotel in some dark corner of the Netherlands. Remember that not all “deals” on the Internet are “good deals.” There may be a very good reason why the company is offering discounts, and it may be because the hotel is awful and they cannot get full price bookings because of it.

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