Things For Kids To Do In Amsterdam – Getting Around Amsterdam

Amsterdam is thought to be more of an adult place, but there are kids living there and there are children’s activities. Getting around Amsterdam with your kids may seem like a tough task, but there is a good bus service and train service and Amsterdam is quite child friendly. You should know which parts of the city to keep your children out of. Here are some place you should take them instead.

Getting around Amsterdam and kids activities

You should really plan ahead if you are taking the kids. There is plenty for adults to do, including museums, views, adult activities and architecture, but if there are long gaps between activities, then you may have a great time whilst the kids grow ever more impatient.

Klimpark Fun Forest – Look it up, as there is a chance it is suitable for your kid’s age range.

Lovers Powerzone and Knijn Bowling BV– The bowling place is self explanatory, but Lover’s Powerzone is also similar to the bowling and laser quest buildings they have in other countries.

Hire a few bikes – You can hire bikes and take your family out for the day. Do not buy any from street peddlers as they are usually stolen. Also, check all the bike tours Amsterdam offers you.

Mini Golf Amstelpark or skate parks – There is mini golf for you and the kids, and skate parks if your kids fancy themselves as Bart Simpsons.

Bleekemolens Race Planet Amsterdam – Try a little indoor go karting with the kids.

Boat hire or use the canal bus -This is a risky one because if your kids are hyped up then they are not going to want to sail around. If you hire a boat, then buy model boats, attach them to string and allow the kids to trail them from the back of the boat.

Woeste Westen or Wind ‘n Wheels – The Woeste Westen is a playground where kids can play and learn a little about nature, and if your kids are a little older, and you have a lot of money, then you can try blow karting with Wind ‘n Wheels.

Miniportworld or Lost in Time – These establishments allows kids to learn about boats, and to learn about the history or Amsterdam.

Look up the gardens and parks – These make great stop-gap solutions when you are between activities and the kids are getting restless.

Klimmuur Centraal and Klimhal Amsterdam – These are climbing walls if you have slightly older children.

TunFun indoor playground – This is fun for kids up to the age of 12. You have to go with them as supervision is needed, but it is great for wearing them out for the day.

Getting around Amsterdam - Things For Kids To Do In Amsterdam

Petting zoos in or near Amsterdam

There are quite a few of these, and some of them are rather fun. It is good to give money to the ones that treat the animals well. Do your research first to see which are the more animal friendly.

+ De Buiktuin petting zoo
+ The Bijlmerweide petting zoo
+ De Pijp petting zoo
+ Dierenweide Osdorp petting zoo
+ De Uylenburg petting zoo
+ Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve (Goat farm)
+ De Werf petting zoo
+ Amstelpark petting zoo
+ De Gliphoeve petting zoo
+  ‘t Brinkie petting zoo

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