The iAmsterdam Card

There are a ton of things to see in Amsterdam. The city is simply overflowing with wonderful museums and activities and restaurants. If you want to see all the city has to offer, you might want to think about buying an iAmsterdam card.

Depending on how much you want to see, the iAmsterdam card can be a really good value. It includes visits to many of the city’s museums (except the Anne Frank museum, unfortunately), and lets you skip the long queues outside. It also provides coupons with discounts to some restaurants and activities, and even a few free snacks. But one of the best values in the iAmsterdam package is the transport ticket. When you buy the 1, 2, or 3 day pass, it comes with a transport ticket valid for that amount of time.

If you’re thinking about buying the iAmsterdam card package, however, its important to consider what you want to see before you buy. Will you actually go on the two free canal tours (which I suggest — they’re touristy, but a lot of fun)? How many of the museums listed on the website (see link below) do you plan on visiting? Were you going to rent a bike, or do you actually plan to use a lot of public transport? It’s important to keep in mind that the real value of the iAmsterdam card lies in the museum and transport tickets&emdash; the rest of the package isn’t worth much. The restaurant discounts in the book aren’t for the choicest places, and the snacks are small and generally not worth the time it takes to get to area in which they’re offered.

The prices for the iAmsterdam card break down as follows: 33 for 1 day, 43 for two days, and 53 for three days. Cards can be purchased at the Holland Tourist Information Office (arrival hall two in Schiphol Airport), or at the Amsterdam Tourism and Convention Board inside Centraal Station (track 2) or across Centraal station at Stationsplein, 10.

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