Taxis in Amsterdam

Taxis in Amsterdam

While using public transport and riding bicycles is great, there may come a time (or two or three) during your visit to Amsterdam when you’d like to catch a taxi. Especially if you’ve had one to many Heinekens or have paid a visit to one of the city’s famous coffeeshops.

You’ll probably notice that, unlike in other major European cities, there aren’t lots of taxis driving around the center of Amsterdam looking for fares. The city simply isn’t made for that much car traffic. To get a taxi, you’ll want to call for one (your hotel can probably provide phone numbers) or to go to a “taxi rank,” which is a marked-off area on the street where taxis will wait for fares. Often, you can also find taxis waiting in front of the bigger hotels or at Central Station.

When you arrive in the city and want to take a taxi to your hotel, or when you choose a taxi off the street, you’ll notice that there are several different kinds. In general, it’s better to choose a TCA or other major company taxi, as they will be more likely to speak English, have a customer service line to call in case of lost items (make sure to note the taxi number when you get in), and the drivers will generally know their way around the city better. Independent taxis are fine, but tend to be less professional&emdash; and you may regret choosing one if you run in to trouble or lose your wallet in the cab. They’re also accountable to no one when they treat customers badly.

While according to law, you do not have to get in the first taxi waiting in line for a fare, it’s possible that an unprofessional driver will yell at you if you choose a taxi further down the line. Don’t worry about it. If you prefer a company-based service, pick the taxi of your choice. The fares should be the same for both independent and TCA taxis.

Also keep in mind that, unlike in some cities, a tip isn’t necessary in Amsterdam. Taxis in the city are expensive enough as it is.

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