Getting to and From the Airport in Amsterdam

Schipol Airport in Amsterdam is the fourth largest airport in Europe and is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Its position on the continent makes it easy to reach by land, sea, and air. But both for overseas travellers and European travellers, the most popular way into Amsterdam is by air. While it’s not located far from the city center, it can be expensive and complicated to get to your hotel from Schipol. Especially when you’re already exhausted from a long trip and are carrying your suitcases with you.

There are different options to go from the airport to Amsterdam, one is this train. The train is one of the best connections between the airport and the city centre.

The fastest and probably the cheapest way to get into Amsterdam from Schipol airport is the Direct Rail Link. This Rail is a direct connection between Amsterdam’s Central Station and the airport.

When you arrive at Schipol airport, you can purchase direct link tickets at Schipol Plaza, as well as in the ticket offices near the red and white checked cube at Schipol Plaza. Simply follow the signs at the airport to find the rail line. The easiest way to buy tickets is using the yellow ticket machines that are located right next to the platforms. It’s important to note that all tickets are only good for use on the day of purchase unless you specifically request a non-dated ticket from the ticket office.

The Schipol Airport direct rail link costs 3.40 one way, and takes approximately 15-20 minutes to reach the Amsterdam Central Station. From Central Station, you’ll either need to take a taxi or find public transport to your destination.

Another option is to use an airport shuttle service. These shuttles, which are run by the company Conexxion, depart every 10 minutes with direct service to 100 different hotels. Shuttle service costs 11.00 one way.

Prefer to travel in style? You can also take a taxi or limousine from the Airport in Amsterdam into the city center. Taxi fares into the city start at about 40.

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