Getting Around Amsterdam And Public Transport

There are quite a few options when it comes to getting around Amsterdam. Public transport is one of your options, but there are many more. Here are most of the ways you can get around Amsterdam, along with a few tips to help you plan your journey.

Getting around Amsterdam from the Airport

There are often shuttles and taxis available at the airport. The shuttles will often go to around 100 hotels in the area. They are more available during peak seasons when they run them more often. The tickets are pretty expensive, but the taxis are going to cost you a lot more. If you have hired a car in advance, then some will deliver to the airports. Observe other transports from the airport availables.

Trams, metro and busses

There is a ticketing system that allows you to buy a card, and this card has a chip that allows you to ride the trams, metro and busses all at once. You use your card as you travel, and you can top it up in stations and in the larger supermarkets (look for the machines). Using the card means you do not have to keep money on you in order to use the public transport.

Why are the busses weird?

They rely on the trams and metro primarily, and they believe a lot of people rely on bicycles and walking on foot. The busses are mainly there to get people to the outlying suburbs and for use after trams have finished running. Some busses will run from midnight to 7am.

A lady Getting Around Amsterdam With bikes

Canal busses and canal boat rides

They only run during the day, mainly because they run during daylight hours. Buying a card for use on the canal boats and the other public transport is difficult. You are able to buy an Amsterdam canal bus pass. It is actually rather handy if one of the stops is near your hotel; it is great for getting around Amsterdam.

The metro train is fast and improving

Every few years there is more news about metro improvements or expansions. They are a handy way of getting around, especially if you have luggage and you do not want to walk with it.

Walking around Amsterdam

It is a city that is very easy to walk around. It is big, but the footpaths lead almost everywhere, with few places locked in with roads and carriageways you cannot cross. There are even plenty of bridges over the canals. If you plan your route in advance and the places you are going to go, then you can figure out a walking route. Or you can join this walking tour around the main attractions of the city. Have your first and last visits somewhere near your hotel and you can do a big circle.

Do not drive or hire a car

The canal ring is a nightmare to drive and Amsterdam is not car friendly. There are very few places to park and driving is purposely difficult. The taxis use this fact in order to charge people a lot of money for getting around Amsterdam in a taxi.

You may have to ride a taxi if you are up all night, but if you feel safe and there are a lot of people around when the pubs and clubs close then consider walking home. You are better off with a route plan to be sure you do not get lost. If in doubt, you should have some taxi phone numbers to help you get to your hotel.


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