Fun Places For Students During Amsterdam Holidays

During your Amsterdam vacations, you have to try the Red Light district. You do not have to go into any of the establishments, but at least have a look at what all the fuss is about. You should also try a pub-crawl or a coffee shop crawl. Here are some more ideas.

Fun places to go on your Amsterdam holidays

This article assumes the student is over 18yrs old and mature enough to handle, responsibly, adult activities and experiences.

Go shooting during your Amsterdam holidays

In Amsterdam, there are several shooting ranges that you can attend and try. You will need your passport to try it. If you live in a country that doesn’t allow guns, then this sort of thing may appeal to you.

Blow karting and Casinos

There is a stretch of beach in Amsterdam that is flat and hard enough for blow karting. The only downside is that it is really expensive. There are actually casinos in Amsterdam, so if you want to win enough money to try blow karting, then you should try the casinos first.

Taste the sex industry in Amsterdam

You do not have to spend your Amsterdam vacations sleeping with prostitutes. You can go see a live sex show or a peep show. You can get a lap dance, or if you have female friends, they can take pole-dancing lessons. There is also a slightly hidden male prostitute industry for straight women and gay men.

Starbucks in Amsterdam
Inside the Starbucks in Amsterdam, a place where you cannot buy weed.

Try a Brown pub/café or coffee shop

A brown bar is a pub or café that stays open rather late. Some of them stay open until after midnight. They are laid back and are not about soft drugs. You can often get an alcoholic drink at a brown bar or brown café. They are a part of Amsterdam holidays as much as coffee shops and Red lights.

Coffee shops will allow you to buy coffee, but they may also sell soft drugs such as hash, pot brownies, marijuana, cannabis, skunk, whatever you want to call it you probably buy and smoke it legally in an Amsterdam coffee shop.

Enjoy the nightlife and eat Patat

There are some great pubs and clubs, and during the peak seasons, you will find lots of up-and-coming bands. Enjoy the nightlife of Amsterdam! It is a great place to party just a little too hard, and is safe so long as you do not go out looking for trouble or buy anything from a street-drug dealer. You can also eat patat, which is basically thick-cut chips (fries).

Try the free stuff

There are parks, markets, museums, galleries and the occasional free-to-enter concert. Look the at architecture and views. Maybe it is not as fun as blow carting down the beach at 45mph, but it is part of the Amsterdam experience.

Relax in one of the parks

The Vondelpark Park seems to be one of most popular parks, and is a great place to hang out all day if you have smoked a little herb, if you are hung over from the night before, or if you have a group of fun people and it is a sunny day. There are almost thirty parks in Amsterdam, so why not take a picnic on a warm day and spend some time there during your Amsterdam holidays.


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