5 Good Reasons to Rent a Car in Amsterdam

When looking through this site, you’ll probably find lots of mentions of the popularity of bicycles in Amsterdam and lots of recommendations not to bother renting a car. After all, public transport is so easy here. Despite all this, however, there are some good reasons to get an Amsterdam rental car during your trip. So here are the top five reasons to rent a car in Amsterdam.

5. The Airport. Especially after a long flight, having to take a train or get a taxi from the airport can feel like a real pain– and having to figure out public transport in a new city can seem impossible. With a rental car, you get to and from the airport on your own time.

4. Freedom & Flexibility. Sometimes when on holiday, you want to spoil yourself a bit— and have the freedom to move around the city and out of it whenever you like, without having to depend on train schedules and extensive planning.

3. Business Meetings. In Amsterdam on business? Especially if you have to bring hefty materials or presentations with you from meeting to meeting, the idea of taking public transport will only add to your stress. A rental car will make getting from place to place on-time a cinch… and will also make it easy to take clients or associates out without having to cram together on the tram.

2. Late Nights. Amsterdam is definitely a fun city. And chances are, you’ll have more than a few late nights out while you’re there. As public transport closes fairly early (and who wants to ride a bicycle on a cold Amsterdam night?), a rental car will help you get home even after-hours. Just don’t drive after visiting one of those infamous Amsterdam coffeeshops!

1. Getting out of The Dam. It’s a beautiful city and there’s a lot to do, but chances are you’ll want to get out of Amsterdam during your trip. Especially if you’re on an extended Amsterdam holiday, a rental car gives you a chance to see the rest of The Netherlands and other parts of Europe— as well as get some nice views of the countryside.

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