Things To Do In Amsterdam With The One You Love

In the British TV show called Red Dwarf, “Confidence & Paranoia,” the character Rimmer says, “Love is a device invented by bank managers to make us overdrawn.”

How right he was, since almost all the activities for lovers in Amsterdam are very expensive. Get out your wallet or your purse because here are a few Amsterdam things to do for lovers.

Blue Heaven in Amsterdam

Things To Do In Amsterdam Such As Heaven in Amsterdam

Blue Heaven is a restaurant on the 23rd floor of the Hotel Okura in Amsterdam. It’s French name, and the one you want to look up, is Ciel Bleu, and it is fantastic. It is a two Michelin star restaurant, which means your bill (for two) is probably going to be in the treble digits. You can try a few drinks in the cocktail bar if you don’t fancy a meal. The view from up high is brilliant and the food, despite its small portions, will keep you full all day.

Buy her flowers at the flower market

The flower market (Bloemenmarkt) offers you a great chance to buy flowers for your loved one. It is a nice thought, though most women will want to get them in water within minutes, which will probably mean going back to the hotel. To be honest, it is better to look than by, but the thought is nice.

Amsterdam things to do such as a canal cruise

You can walk around the city, or rent bikes and bicycle around the city. You can also hire a canal boat and go boating around the town on your own. You can have a cruise boat take you around, or you can go for the cheaper option and take a group boat or canal bus. It gives you another way of seeing Amsterdam.

Five-star Hotels in Amsterdam

Are the best Amsterdam things to do the most expensive things to do? No, but when lovers are involved it will often cost a lot. If you think your partner deserved the best, and you can afford it, then try a five-star hotel. It will cost you over one thousand euros for a night.

Hugging your beloved in an Amsterdam Park

There are almost thirty of them, and it can be romantic and sweet if you spend the day there looking into each other’s eyes and whispering sweet nothings.

Buy her a Diamond

You can buy diamonds in Amsterdam. They cut a lot of diamonds in Amsterdam and offer tours of the cutting and polishing rooms. You can buy a diamond in Amsterdam if you have a few hundred lying around. If you are buying diamonds or jewelry, then be careful about taking it back to your country. Look up the specific laws, especially if you are planning on selling it when you get home.

Tour Amsterdam by Horse and Carriage

If you really want to flash the cash, then take her on a ride around Amsterdam on a horse and carriage. It will cost you an arm and a leg, but at least it is a little bit different. They only really operate during the peak seasons and on sunny days/warm days. After all, who wants to tour Amsterdam in a carriage in the rain?

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