Things To Do In Amsterdam With The Your Friends

Are there any group activities in Amsterdam? Are there any things to do for a group on friend? There are always the sights and the walking tours, and here are a few more exciting things to do in Amsterdam with your friends.

The markets, the architecture and the live events

There are markets around Amsterdam, with one or two bigger ones in the summer, and even though you will have trouble transporting a microwave home, you will still be able to buy a few interesting pieces at the markets.

Take note of the architecture as you walk around. There are building from hundreds of years ago, and plenty of examples of 14th and 17th century buildings. There is also Anne Frank’s house that is still standing after WW2.

The live events happen in pubs, clubs, the parks and in the streets, and you can plan your holiday so that you turn up when they are on. If you go during the peak season, then you will probably happen upon a few as you explore. Some are free and some are not, and they are worth researching before you go.

The pubs, clubs, coffee shops and brown bars

Brown cafes and brown bars are establishments that are often very laid back. They serve hot and cold drinks and most of them serve alcohol. The idea is to relax in a chilled out or happy environment. Many of them stay open after midnight and many of them have a small-business charm (i.e. not commercialized).

The coffee shops are famous, but you should also try the pubs and clubs. There is a ready mix of chic places, posh, rough-and-ready places, and places that feel like a home-county boozer.

The parks, the art galleries and the museums

There are art galleries and museums all over Amsterdam. In essence there are plenty of things to do in Amsterdam; it is just about finding the things that suit you. Not all of the museums involve the same things, and the same is true for the galleries. You and your group of friends may be bored stiff by the Van Gogh museum, but may love the Eye.

Plenty of Things To Do In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Studio 80
This is Studio 80 in Amsterdam


The parks are a great place to hang out with your friends. They are great things to do in Amsterdam. There are quite a few parks in Amsterdam and on a sunny day they are fantastic. They are especially great if your friends have a good group dynamic.

Tour the restaurants

Can you eat four or five times per day? Why not try a day or two touring the restaurants and eateries. If you are from one of the Anglo-Saxon countries, (mainly English speaking), then you will find the food to your liking.

Try Poffertjes, small pancakes with icing sugar, or deep fried balls of chopped beef called Bitterballen. A stroopwafel is a great hand-held waffle, or try the Netherland’s answer to the Caffe-latte with the Koffie Verkeerd. If you want to try something weird, then try the raw Herring dish, called Hollandse nieuwe haring, and finish with a sweet pie called Limburgse vlaai.


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