The Rules Of The Red Light District And Blue Light District In Amsterdam

The Red Light district is a place where straight men may have sex with women. The women looking for men idea is not very well catered for at all. The place is defiantly aimed at the straight male more than the straight female. Male prostitutes for women are more often seen on side streets and in clubs. Some women ask in male-orientated brothels where they can find a male prostitute. Do not do it within the earshot of a male customer, as the brothel manager will get upset.

Can I actually pay for sex in the Red Light district legally?

You can pay for it in the Red and Blue Light district, it is legal, and you are not just paying for the room (as some other brothels in other countries work). You are paying for the sex act of your choice and you are charged accordingly. The girls are even paying tax on their earnings.

What is the Blue Light district about?

It is for gay people and has grown in size more recently. Gay sex is still stigmatized to a point, but there is certainly a Blue Light area developing. They tried having male prostitutes in the Red Light district in 1995 and it was an epic failure.

Can I take photos of the girls in the windows?

No, you cannot take photos, it is very illegal and the consequences of taking photos/video is harsh and swift. You will not see people taking photos, and even the suspicion of taking a photo secretly on your phone; will have bouncers descend upon you like the wrath of god. If you do want to take a shot of the Red Light district, then do it from a distance and be sure you cannot see any of the girls in the stalls/windows. Keep your camera in its case and your phone in your pocket.

Can I take videos of the girls?

You cannot take videos of the girls in the windows, but if you make an arrangement beforehand to pay extra, then some girls will allow you to video the sexual act. Still, it is seen as out of bounds or taboo with many of the girls because a lot of their friends and family do not know what they do for a living, and they do not want people finding out via videos posted on the Internet.

The Rules Of The Red Light District

Can I negotiate price?

Most brothels will take a deep offence if you try to negotiate. If you are successful, then your 30-minute romp may turn into a 5-minute fumble.

Can I take an alarm clock in there to be sure I get my full-time?

Do it at your own risk. Do you take a thermometer when you buy iced-cream? The lady in question is unlikely to appreciate you taking an alarm clock in there with you.

Do I have to use a condom?

Most brothels will insist that you use one, and any attempt to not use one will have you thrown out without any clothes on. Some girls may agree to have unprotected sex for a higher fee, but there is no law forcing girls to have regular medical check-ups, so you do so at your own risk.


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