How To Find Cheaper Amsterdam Vacations Easily

There are a few manipulative tricks you can use to get cheaper Amsterdam vacations. You can start by playing travel agencies off on each other. Get a quote from one and ask another to beat it, get a written quote and go back to the first and so-forth. Here are some more tips for getting cheaper Amsterdam holidays.

Book your Amsterdam vacations late or early

Seize a last minute flight where they sell off the seats for a smaller amount because it means filling up the plane a little more. People cancel and you can pick up on those cancellations and get a discount. Otherwise, you should book really early as airlines and travel agencies will offer better prices.

Try landing at other Dutch Airports

The Netherlands is not that big. Compared to its neighbour Germany it is a tiny country. You do not have to land close to Amsterdam when planning your Amsterdam holidays. You can land somewhere else and then take the train into Amsterdam.

The train services are rather good, so why not try landing at Groningen, Eindhoven or Rotterdam. It will cost you a little less, and if you pick the right time of year it can be very reasonable.

i amsterdam is often photographed on Amsterdam vacations and holidaysConsider something other than flights for your holidays

Sometimes it is cheaper to take a train, or a bus and a train, or a train and a ferry. Look into more than just air travel, as you can often get a good price even during peak seasons.

Consider a smaller hotel, hostel or B&B

You can sometimes get a good price on a B&B during the week, as they often put their prices up over the weekend. There are plenty of small hotels that are run as small businesses and family-run businesses, and there are plenty of hostels in Amsterdam that will cost you less than a taxi.

Split your trip into several trips

Go from your airport to another European country and then take a plane or train into Amsterdam. It is sometimes a lot cheaper, though you do have to do a little more planning and a lot more travelling.

Do not use comparison sites –¬†compare Amsterdam vacations yourself

Get quotes from travel agents, check the offers on airlines, and come up with your own comparison for air travel and package holidays. If you are flexible about how long you are willing to stay there and when you are planning on going, then you leave yourself open to benefit from better prices and time-limited/sensitive offers.

Fly during the week

You can often get a good price for you Amsterdam vacations if you book your flight for Monday or Tuesday and return the following week at some point. You should play around with booking times until you get the best prices, but often flying during the week at very inconvenient times is the best strategy.

Book your Amsterdam holidays outside the season

You can often get a better price from airlines and travel agents because they will do anything to make a sale, and the same is true of hotels. They are rarely at full capacity during the out-of-season months. Try going in November, January, February or March.

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