Can I Smoke Drugs in Amsterdam Coffee Shops?

In a licensed coffee shop in Amsterdam, you can smoke drugs. Cannabis is the main soft drug of choice, along with its derivatives and such. You cannot smoke it in pubs and clubs and if you try to enter such places with drugs, you will be searched and it will be confiscated. If you are caught with drugs in the street, then it may be confiscated depending on the area you are in (use some common sense on that one).

Do I have to buy at all the coffee shops I visit?

You would not go to a pub and open up a can of Fosters for a drink, but things are bit different in Amsterdam coffee shops. You can take marijuana joints you have bought elsewhere into the coffee shop you are visiting, but it is polite to buy something when you go in. Buy a drink or a cake or something. Do not walk in, smoke and walk out. Also, they will get offended if you take your own food and drink into the coffee shop.

Eating cannabis can really mess you up

Eating any form of marijuana is going to get you very high and for quite a bit longer. It is a great way to become ill very quickly. Some of the edible drugs that coffeeshops offer is good, but be warned that it can mess you up–especially if you are not used to it.

Smoking weed and pre rolled joints is going to get you high, and a lot of the weed in Amsterdam is strong, but eating it is far more potent. The hash and coffeeshop drugs smoke is going to affect you, but only to a certain degree. It takes a lot to get you seriously high. A great analogy is the difference between having a cup of tea and eating a tea bag.

Eat food and stay hydrated before trying the Amsterdam coffee shops

The tourists that try it smoking weed without eating first are the ones that end up in hospital. Smoking cannabis or taking any of their soft drugs into your system is going to affect you bio chemically and you need food in your system to be able to cope with it. It is the same as hitting the spirits hard without having water and food in your system.

Weed prices will vary depending where you are in the city

If you go to a pub in a certain part of your own city, there is a chance it will be more or less expensive than somewhere else in your city. Prices for alcohol are not uniform in any city, just like cannabis prices are not uniform in Amsterdam. In some places such as the Red Light District, it will be very expensive, and in some places, you can get a much better deal.

Do high prices mean stronger marijuana?

Sometimes it does, but sometimes it is all about location (as mentioned above). If you are new to smoking soft drugs, then one gram should make around three joints.

Smoking Weed in coffee shops

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