Can I Really Pay For Sex In The Red Light District?

Paying for sex is legal in more countries than you expect. There are parts of North America where people are able to open up a brothel legally, and there are areas in Britain where people may pay for sex with an employee of an escort service legally. The law was pushed through in Britain when they realized just how much tax income it would generate. Even in Australia, a person is allowed to pay for sex in a legal brothel. It is not unusual for people to pay for sex, legally, around the world, but the Amsterdam Red Light district is world famous.

See women on display in shop windows in the Red Light district

In Amsterdam, you can visit the Red Light district, known as the Rossebuurt, and pay for sex legally. Unlike other countries, it is actually on display. A man or woman can walk down the street and see people on display in the windows. People stand there looking sexy with the hopes of drawing in people wanting sex. You will actually see a red light above the shop windows that offer sex; it is not just a name, there truly are Red Lights there.

There is a place for gay people too

This is called the Blue Light district, and it is not as popular or world famous as the Red Light district, but it is still there and draws people in from around the world. There is a whole host of sexual diversions in the Blue Light district, including men dressed as very convincing, and not so convincing, women. It is fun to see younger men trick other men into going into the Blue Light places expecting a woman, only to come running out with a very worried and embarrassed look on their face because the sexy long lady is actually a sexy young man.

a man posing in the red light district

What sort of person goes to the Red Light district?

You will see all sorts of people because it is a tourist attraction. You will see old and young couples holding hands, men out on stag nights and ladies on hen nights, you will see giggling teenagers, and people on their own walking around.

What is the street like? Is it open, hidden, or like a shopping High street?

It is actually a cobbled street with 14th century architecture. It is long, narrow and winding. The buildings have very odd angles to them and really give you the feeling that you are in olde Europe. Like many of Amsterdam‘s tourist areas, there has been extensive work to make the streets better surfaced and the build facades a little nicer. It has led to more trendy and fashionable people visiting Amsterdam.

lady from the Red Light district

Why have sex in the Red Light district?

It is an experience, it is part of the appeal of the area, and it is fun. Do not forget that these women are part of the sex trade, and ergo have taken time to learn how to turn a man on, how to strip, dance, etc. As sad as it sounds, the women there are often sexier than the women a man dates at home are. They are certainly better at being/acting sexy than most girls are.

The Red Light District girls

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