Amsterdam Things To Do With The Family

You can take a walking tour of the city, though you are better planning your own route and visiting places as you go. Unless you are staying for quite a while, you need to budget your time and your money. Plan to hit certain establishments and amusements in a planned way and you will find there are plenty of things to do in Amsterdam with the family.

Amsterdam things to do when you have kids

Plan your time and if you have kids you need to make sure they are entertained. Walking the city is great for adults, but kids soon become tired of the sights and the walking and become irritable. Try the Hop-on Hop off bus Tour. Plan your time so that the “boring” bits for kids are interspersed with fun things. There are plenty of places and Amsterdam things to do where you can tire them out, and plenty of kid friendly activities that are good for adults too.

The many petting zoos in Amsterdam

There seems to be quite a few, and you often find adults there stroking the animals. Maybe a city that allows weed also starts to like animals. With that said, do your research to be sure the one(s) you visit are treating their animals fairly before you give them your money. It is fun for the adults too as the animals can be quite charming.

The Goat Farm Ridammerhoeve and Amsterdam forest

This is a good place to take the kids and the family if the weather is good. If you go at the right time you may be able to feed the deer. They were known for treating the goats a little bit meanly, but the buzz is that they are a little nicer about it these days. Check out a few recent reviews on the goat farm before you go giving them your money.

Vondelpark - Things To Do In Amsterdam With The Family

There are lots of parks

If you get a sunny day or two, then you have to try the parks. There are around thirty within a bike ride, and the tram or metro will get you close to most of them. Sunny and warm days are the best to spend in a park. Take a bat and ball, Frisbee or a picnic and have a great time in one of their bigger ones such as Vondelpark. You can also try Amstelpark, as it has its own petting zoo. There are plenty of Amsterdam things to do.

There are a lot of famous museums including Anne Frank’s house

They are all family friendly, but may not be great for younger kids. If you can tickle a genuine interest in your children with regards to the galleries, then do it before you enter. Do not go with the expectation that younger kids will like it because they will be looking for the nearest picture of a cartoon character whilst running through the Van Gogh museum.

Try the familiar foods, cafes and restaurants

There is plenty of food to try, and very little of it is unknown to most in the west. You are not going to find fried beans mixed with chili and pushed into a burger. There are many Amsterdam things to do. You will find patat (chips/fries), waffles, sausages, burgers, and all those great dishes we love so much. They have a slightly different take on some foods and it is worth a try.

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