The Rules Regarding Soft Drugs On Amsterdam Holidays

Amsterdam makes for a great holiday and is famous for having a very tolerant policy on soft drugs, pornography and prostitution. Some say it is a disgrace and some say it is enlightened. There are rules regarding soft drugs in Amsterdam, and you need to know them before you book your Amsterdam holidays.

No hard drugs during your Amsterdam Holidays

Any form of hard drug is going to get you arrested and locked up for a long time. The country is tolerant of soft drugs, but it has made them all the more zero-tolerance for hard drugs. They do not want a drugged out society. You can have weed, marijuana, cannabis, or whatever you call your soft drugs on holiday, but that is it.

Illegal unlicensed drug dealers will lie to you

Do not believe drug peddlers in the streets and clubs that tell you the police look the other way or cannot search you if you have hard drugs. The laws on stop and search are varied and more complex than “They can’t search you.” They can search you, and have been able to since 2003.

blowverbod sign Amsterdam holidays
Be careful around a blowverbod sign because it means you CANT smoke anything in that area. Just because there is not a slash through the picture does not mean it is allowed. The sign underneath warns of a fine for smoking in that area.

Do not smoke weed outside a licensed establishment

They have coffee shops where you can smoke weed. They do not want people getting mashed in the street and walking into traffic, nor do they want people throwing a whitey and falling in the canal. There are health and safety laws in licensed places. If your hotel allows you to smoke, then it is at their own risk.

No Amsterdam vacations to smuggle drugs

Any country in the world is going to have the drug dogs sniffing around the planes coming from the Netherlands. Do not use your Amsterdam holidays to smuggle soft drugs to your own country. You will be punished at both sides of the border and the Netherland police are very good at catching drug smugglers. They allow weed, marijuana, cannabis, but are strict about stopping people taking it out of the country.

If you have more than a personal use amount, then you will be in trouble

Have over five grams of weed, then you have more than a personal use amount, and you are therefore considered a dealer. Problems occur when one person goes out to buy drugs for a group of people, walks back with it and is nabbed for being a drug dealer. There is a tiny bit of leeway with amounts, but why you would need over five grams is probably the issue. One gram can make three pretty strong spiffs, so there is no real need to carry over five grams.

Do not try to grow weed on your Amsterdam holidays

It is very illegal, even if you have lived there for months. There is an amnesty where if you have five plants or less, then you can hand them over and receive a fine and a caution. Any more than five plants and you are prosecuted with a good chance of a prison sentence.

No kids allowed

It may sound obvious, but kids are not allowed to smoke or take any kind of drugs beyond medical use. Feel free to take your kids on holiday, but if your kid is under 18, then he or she cannot use soft drugs or go into certain establishments (pubs, weed-coffee shops, red light district, etc). Kids are not allowed any sort of drugs, hard or soft drugs, unless it is for medical purposes.

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