Smoking Rules in an Amsterdam Coffee Shop

There are around three hundred coffee shops in Amsterdam. That is a lot of places to go and buy weed, which may suggest that smoking cannabis is a big deal in Amsterdam–and frankly it is. Smoking soft drugs in Amsterdam coffee shops is big business and a big tourist draw. Most cannabis and hash coffeeshops will have marijuana leaves on the door or window. They will also be called coffeeshops or a coffeeshop as oppose to being called a café.

Can I smoke my own cannabis in an Amsterdam coffee shop?

You can go into a coffee shop with weed/ soft drugs you bought elsewhere, and you can smoke it in there. It is polite to at least buy something if you are going to do this. The Amsterdam coffee shop you enter will be offended if you take your own food or drink in there.

Amsterdam drug laws say no under 18s

You are not allowed to buy drugs for, or give drugs to, any under 18 year olds. They are probably going to ask for ID if you look young.

Rules in an Amsterdam coffee shop

Do not take hard drugs

Any form of hard drug is not permissible in Amsterdam. They are very strict about it because the drug trade is highly regulated.

Do not carry more than 5 grams

This means you should not hold the weed for your friends. There are plenty of women that have been arrested because there friends have asked if they can carry their weed in their handbag. Carry more than five grams and you are classified as a dealer and will probably get a prison sentence.

Do not grow your own plants

It is illegal, even though you can get away with having one or two if you hand them in, it is still illegal and you risk a criminal record.

Do not smoke or take any form of drug in public

It may seem like a nice idea to go give some drugs in the park, but it is illegal to take drugs in pubic. Keep your hash and pre rolled joints until you enter a licensed establishment.

You cannot take drugs out of the country

Import or export of any form of drugs, without medical-use proof is going to land you with a prison sentence. They are very strict about the movement of drugs in or out of the Netherlands because they know how easy it would be for political pressure to re-criminalize marijuana or other soft drugs.

The Amsterdam Weed pass

This was scrapped, but be wary of new laws on if soft drugs are legal for tourists. Do your research beforehand because soft drugs are illegal but not prosecuted, and in Amsterdam, it is legal to sell soft drugs with a license.

You cannot weed smoke outdoors but you can smoke cigs outdoors

In Amsterdam, you are not allowed to smoke cigarettes indoors, but you are allowed to smoke weed and soft drugs in licensed venues. You are not allowed to take or use/smoke soft drugs outdoors, but you are allowed to smoke cigarettes. Be wary of those that smoke weed in the parks–you can be arrested. Be aware, that as time goes by there are more and more locations in Amsterdam where you cannot smoke cigarettes outdoors–please be aware of this, especially if you see the sign “Blowverbod.”


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