Commonly Asked Questions About Amsterdam And Smoking Cannabis

Smoking cannabis in an Amsterdam coffeeshop is legal and if you drink coffee, then you can reduce the chance of a headache as it speeds up your metabolism and adds water to your system. Plenty of protein rich foods will also help you get over the weed hangover, as well as water and coffee.

Isn’t there more crime because of people smoking cannabis?

Yes, some crimes are higher in Amsterdam than other countries because of cannabis, and some crimes are lower. Crimes for carrying too many pre rolled joints, or having too much weed and hash is a common crime. Crimes such as assaults are very low, but crimes including vehicles are higher (maybe that is why they have made it so difficult to own a car in Amsterdam). There are quite a few people arrested for smoking outside of a coffee shop, and some coffee shops are prosecuted for selling to under-age people.

Aren’t there social problems because of their soft drug tolerance?

There were laws introduced to help stop social problems with tourists. They started the Weed Pass rule, but it was scrapped. Social problems may include addiction that affects health, family and children. People become addicted to alcohol in a same way they become addicted to cannabis and soft drug smoke.

Many of the social problems also include traffic jams through people sitting and admiring their hands, and there are problems with a lot of late night revellers. These problems still exist today.

Is cannabis addictive?

There are millions of cannabis / marijuana / soft drug addicts in the world. People are addicted to legal highs around the world too. The people that say cannabis is not addictive are using a biochemical argument when addiction should be argued on the psychological issue.

Thousands of American Vietnam soldiers took lots of heroin during the American and Vietnamese war, and yet they came home and many never touched it again. Yet, some people can become addicted to water (Psychogenic polydipsia)! Alcohol has no biochemical addictive agents, and yet people become addicted.

You can become addicted to cannabis; you can become addicted to any soft drug.

Commonly asked questions about Amsterdam and smoking cannabis

Do coffeeshops add LSD to joints?

No, they do not add acid, but it may occur naturally in the plant or the variety of Cannabis. Amsterdam coffee shops may add things, but LSD is considered a hard drug and so they cannot add it into their weed.

Can I cycle under the influence of drugs?

A lot of people leave a coffeeshop and go cycling. During peak seasons this causes a problem as some people become very dangerous on their bike. It is not illegal, but the authorities are trying to cut down on the amount of people cycling whilst high.

Is it true that Amsterdam coffee shop cannabis is stronger than most other?

This is very true. The weed you buy illegally has usually around 7% to 8% THC in it, but Dutch Nederweed contains around 15 to 18% THC. The effects are going to last around four hours for some, and maybe less if you have a fast metabolism. Do not believe the data that says coffee will remove water from your system. Coffee is a diuretic, but the water in the actual coffee you drink is far more hydrating than the water you lose through its effects.


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